Strategic HRM

Strategic Human Resource Management


Our Services

We provide a complete range of Strategic Human Resource Management solutions, including training courses, advice and process implementation, and services, to build a success HR model aligned with corporate and business strategy.

We reposition and facilitate HR in its new role and responsibility. This is important to the successful organisation in today’s economy.

➣ HR Transformation, with strategic approaches, systems and processes, tools, metrics

➣ Evolution of HR as a Business Partner, with business challenges and objectives

➣ Strategic HR Development Practices, including effective management of human capital, designing and weaving the organisation for its mission, creating the environment that delivers result

Workforce Planning

The company has to ensure adequate human resources to meet the strategic goals and operational plans of the organisation in the short and long terms, over a period of years. This requires assessing current HR capacity, forecasting future HR needs, analysis and development of HR strategies and plans.

Talent Management

Recruiting the right people for the right jobs

Honing talent, competency and career training, building capabilities to the next level

Career plans, succession management

Employee mobility and relations, engagement and retention

Performance, including job descriptions, job analysis, performance standards, evaluations and development

Coaching and mentoring, team-building, health and wellness

Salary structure

Helping People, Business And Organisations Succeed

To get results, individuals must behave differently. We assist clients to identify the vital few behaviours that drive the most results, and reinforce them with timely, positive and consistent actions.

The transformation is everybody’s job. We partner with clients to engage people’s heads and hearts across the organisation and group through all levels.

We look after the client’s strategic learning and development needs

We collaborate with decision-makers and teams to build motivation for sustainable change by shifting communication towards a two-way dialogue.

We work with all the key enablers, triggers and accelerators, such as leadership, strategy, structure, role, culture and execution, to create and drive successful transformation.