Quality System


Unfolding The Quality Journey

Quality Management empowers clients to build a Strategic model for their quality vision, commitments and initiatives.

It is a source of competitive advantage, that brings global recognition (US Baldridge Awards, National Quality Awards, ISO certification) and increase market share, credibility and value.

Every person and every field of endeavour should own quality.

We help clients design, plan and implement an agile and reliable Quality Management System (QMS), with strategies and capabilities for quality excellence, high-performance and compliance, to weave and drive success imperatives through the enterprise, organisation, operations and culture at all levels. Or we can assess and adjust current and existing ones.

Clients achieve success and results with Quality Transformations along key criteria like customer focus, leadership, total employee involvement, process approach, system unity and coherence, supplier and partner collaborations, and continuous improvement.

The ISO 9001 reference framework is one such set of international standards that clients commonly use and for which they can achieve certification.

The QMS, light or robust, provides means and strategies to efficiently manage resources and missions, to determine root causes of failures and defects, identify potential weakness areas, collect and analyse data to inform decisions, measure performance, efficiency, costs and quality, and for benchmarking.

Audit, Conformity Assessment, Process Review And Inspection

These strategies are a vital part of the management system approach as they enable clients to check how far their achievements actually meet their objectives, show conformity to international standards and specified criteria.

They provide customers and stakeholders with added confidence, as they guarantee that results, products and services can be trusted, and they reduce the cost of poor quality.