Management & Leadership

We assist clients develop and implement distinctive management practices and tools, and help them embed or reinforce good decision-making, sustainability and agility.

The areas of innovation include company vision, strategy, organisation, leadership, performance improvement, customer focus, business alignment, technology, high-impact culture, and value creation opportunities.

We analyse why results fall short of expectations, and generate and implement action plans in collaboration with all departments and services.

We help clients progress, create the sense of urgency and priorities, and make the way forward to successful outcomes, through disruption and turbulence.


Strategic Planning

  • Creating the new vision and initiatives for success and expansion over a multi-year horizon

  • Determine, plan and implement the necessary changes and actions that will create value

  • Resource allocation (people, finance, time, facilities…) based on needs for future growth

  • Defining clear roles and responsibilities


Organisation Performance

  • Tracking and improving organisational health and performance, with critical factors :

  • Environment, values, culture, thinking and beliefs

  • Motivation, capability, leadership, innovation

  • External orientations such as global markets, foreign trade and international events

  • Accountability, coordination and control, direction


Business Re-engineering

  • Determine weaknesses in the company and organisation, at all levels and in all departments

  • Define and implement strategic solutions and processes that create long-lasting impact and results

  • Changing failure into success, challenges into opportunities

  • Facilitating innovation for growth and expansion


Managing By Objectives

  • Tying actions and endeavours of all departments and people to high-level organisation strategies and goals

  • Creating focus on short and long-term objectives, pragmatic and result-oriented thinking

  • Processes and planning to structure operations and work organisation

  • Empower employees to deliver results

  • Management and executive reporting


Performance Management

  • Measure results, productivity and quality

  • Employee interviews and appraisals for all levels

  • Rewarding good performance

  • Establishing best practices and exceeding expectations

  • Feedback loops for control and continuous improvement

  • Assess factors, mindsets and behaviours that impact performance


Leadership Development

  • Vision, mission and values to give focus and direction

  • Top team effectiveness

  • Self leadership, leadership of people and organisations

  • Connecting with day to day business reality and real-life situations

  • Commitment to sustainable growth

  • Grooming talent


Customer Management

  • Delivering the customer promise

  • A collaborative client approach

  • Long-term impact, consistency, satisfaction and relationship

  • Sustain the customer value of the enterprise, product or services

  • Each customer is a big opportunity