About Us


In today's dynamic business landscape, mastering people management skills is essential for fostering success. At Acarthus Ltd, we believe in empowering our clients by bridging the gap between knowledge and actionable skills.

Dr. Liladevi Appasamy

Managing Director

Our Commitment

Led by the Managing Director and Trainer, Acarthus Ltd is committed to delivering world-class training. We partner with organizations to implement best practices, systems, and processes that align with the organisation strategic objectives. By leveraging our unique position of excellence, we aim to:
• Address talent and expertise challenges 
• Provide valuable insights and advice on critical issues 
• Facilitate collaboration and partnership opportunities across borders

We help clients transferring knowledge into ready-to use

AStrategic Approach To Success

The Institution specialises in tailor-made coaching, consultancy, capacity building, HR contracting and in promoting higher standards of professional competence and practice, in different fields of industry in Mauritius and abroad

Skill Development

To enhance participants' skills in specific areas relevant to their profession or industry.

Knowledge Acquisition

To impart new knowledge and information to participants, keeping them updated on the latest trends, best practices, regulations, new tools in their field

Performance Improvement

To improve participants' performance in their current roles or prepare them for new responsibilities. This involve refining existing skills, learning new techniques, or adopting more efficient processes.

Professional Development

Serves as a means of professional development, helping individuals advance their careers, pursue promotions, or transition into new roles within their organization or industry.

Compliance and Certification

To ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, or certifications. These courses provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet legal or professional requirements in their field.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

To develop participants' problem-solving and critical thinking abilities, equipping them with the skills to analyze complex issues, identify solutions, and make informed decisions.

Employees Engagement and Retention

To contribute to employee engagement and retention by demonstrating an organization's commitment to investing in its workforce's development, which boost morale, job satisfaction, and loyalty.

Adaptability and Resilience

To foster adaptability and resilience among participants, preparing them to navigate uncertainty, embrace change, and thrive in dynamic situations.

Diversity and Inclusion

To promote diversity and inclusion within organizations by raising awareness of biases, stereotypes, and systemic inequalities, and providing strategies for creating more inclusive work environments.

Customer Satisfaction

To focus on enhancing customer service skills and interpersonal communication to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately contributing to the organization's success.

By aligning training course objectives with these aims, Acarthus Ltd can effectively meet the needs of its participants and contribute to individual and organizational success.