The managing director received recognition for her achievements, including the Africa HR Leadership Award and the top prize for her thesis on Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Analysis, presented to the Indian Institute of Quality Management under the auspices of the Government of India.

She was involved in developing the criteria for the Tourism Excellence Award by AHRIM

Nowadays, businesses must prioritize excellence and quality to maintain a sustainable advantage. Acarthus Ltd understands the significance of utilizing quality and benchmarking frameworks to measure performance against international standards, ensuring long-term success and resilience in the marketplace.

Brinda, the esteemed Managing Director, brings over 10 years of experience as a Lead Assessor for the Mauritian Quality Institute (MQI). She has served as a national examiner for prestigious awards, including:

• National Quality Award (US Malcolm Baldrige Award) for private sector

• Excellent Customer Service Award for both public and private sectors

• Best Anti-corruption Framework (in collaboration with the Independent Commission Against Corruption and MQI) for private and public sectors

Businesses are evaluated under the below criteria:

• Leadership effectiveness

• Human resource development and management

• Customer focus and satisfaction

• Strategic planning

• Process management

• Information and analysis

• Business results

The Best Anti-corruption Framework includes the following criteria:

• Management commitment

• Risk management

• Transparency

• Accountability

• Integrity management

Brinda is a Certified Quality Manager with the Indian Institute of Quality Management, Government of India and a Certified Quality Improvement Associate with the American Society for Quality.

At Acarthus, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving excellence and adherence to the highest quality standards. Our comprehensive approach ensures that organizations excel across all aspects of their operations, fostering sustainable growth and success.