Strategic Training And Development


Our professional training programmes are designed to build capabilities for clients in critical areas, creating experiences to unleash the talent and potential of businesses, organisations and individuals, establish their confidence base, and enable them to rise above their challenges and reach their objectives.

Target groups include managers, directors, decision-making leaders, heads of department, team leaders, employees and front-line staff, students, members of the public.

We deliver training on client sites, in workshops, seminars and conferences. We use practical, dynamic and interactive approaches, and involve individuals in real life situations, group discussions, role plays and case studies, with instant application of critical competencies and best practices.

Acarthus Training Programmes

These are ongoing courses that have already been implemented to develop specific competencies in management, human resources management, leadership and quality.

Tailor-made Programmes

Each client has its own unique challenges and unique strengths, and people have their own unique minds. Training can be customised and blended to suit various needs of the client.

Our programmes are meaningful and of high-value, based on seasoned expertise, breadth and depth of experience and insight. They deliver exceptional and long-lasting advantage and impact.