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Bringing Value to Enterprises - Our Services Platform

Connectedness in the organisation is an important and inspiring concept fostering excellence, engagement and success.  We help companies develop and implement the unique resourcefulness and rich capabilities that deliver broad outcomes.

We bring to our clients a network of advisors, consultants, educators and practitioners in the Business, Management, Legal and Accountancy fields.

Jean-Max Appanah, FCCA, MIPA

Mr. Appanah has broad experience in international accounting companies; has managed teams of accountants and serviced portfolio of clients worth USD 1 billion, including compliance and supplier invoice management, working closely with board of directors in the UK, USA and India.

As Financial Controller, he managed the day-to-day operations of the Finance Department and its associated functions; provided support to the Executive Director, worked closely with other managers and assisted in business processes ensuring smooth operation of the Finance Department.   As Head of Client Accounting, Mr. Appanah has serviced UK-based companies accounting functions in Mauritius.

Mr. Appanah was an Ernst & Young Client Service Executive, London, UK, 2005-2007; teaming with the Business Risks Services (BRS) part of the Industry Consumer Group (ICG) providing Internal Audit and Sox 404 Compliance services to High Priority Clients.  He was Senior Accountant for Green Hasson & Janks LLP (Audit, Accounts, and Tax), Los Angeles, CA. He built clients relationships, establishing their need and managing their expectations; assisted Tax Managers in the preparation of Personal Tax Return and translate documents from alien countries for tax purposes. Mr. Appanah was also manager and assistant to managers in international Chartered Accountant firms like Gross Klein, Elman Wall.

Yashoda Nundalallee - Research and Development, Acarthus Ltd

Yashoda has good long term professional association, in various roles, with both local and international business companies in Mauritius, private and state-owned, in the following industries and innovative fields: Languages, Business Administration, Telecommunications, Human Resources Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology and Project Management.

She has been involved in, managing teams, activities and operations, on several large-scale projects such as Customer Service, Learning and Coaching, Product Design, Specifications and Development. She was an Analyst on supplier contracts and relationships management, linking with strategic business results and challenges.

Yashoda graduated in 2000 with a Masters in Engineering, Imperial College London, UK, accredited with IEEEE. 

Nityesh P. Peetumber - Barrister- at-Law, Accredited Mediator

Nityesh specializes in civil, employment, corporate and commercial laws and has also advised on key issues in relation to Mauritian law.

He holds an LLB (Hons) degree from the BPP University, the LLM from the University of Gloucestershire and has completed the Bar Professional Training Course at the University of the West of England. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK) and an Accredited Commercial Mediator from the ADRg (UK) and the INADR (US). Nityesh is also involved in training and tutors law at Middlesex University (Mauritius).  He was called to the Bar at the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple (UK) and was subsequently also called to the Bar in Mauritius. He has appeared successfully before various courts and also the Human Rights Commission.

Currently, Nityesh is working extensively on Corporate Law matters, majorly dealing with compliance Issues.  He is the acting external compliance auditor with several entities and also advises in respect to their operations vis-à-vis the FSC Codes, Regulations, Guidelines and relevant legislation. Nityesh is also involved majorly in contract formulation, drafting, vetting and has worked on ‘high-profile’ contracts. Nityesh has also chaired on several Disciplinary Committees and also advises in relation to Employment Law.

Coomaravel Pyaneandee - Full-time practising Barrister

Civil and Criminal Litigation, Consultancy and Teaching (national and international) in the following fields: advocacy in Court, vetting of brief, opinion writing and drafting of agreements, consultant on disability issues

Mr. Pyaneandee is an Elected Expert of the United Nations CRPD Committee and an enthusiastic practising Barrister of more than 14 years using his qualifications, and experience in the field of legal professional activities including: Human Rights, Public Law, Employment Law, Insurance, Banking, Corporate

He holds an LLB (Hons) Degree from the University of London (External Degree), LLM in Public Law from Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London and was qualified as barrister by the Council of Legal Education, Mauritius in 1999.

Mr. Pyaneandee is an author and participated / contributed in several country reports, national action plans and publications.

Marie Lee Clara Calou-Veerapatren - Owner and Director of Positive Management Ltd

Professional Trainer, Mentor, Lead Auditor and Consultant for ISO 9000, ISO 14000 & ISO 22000 Standards, Quality Management Systems, Training Needs Analysis, HACCP, Lean Management etc.

Mrs Calou is specialised in consultancy and training of local and regional clients in Quality Management Systems, Training Needs Analysis HACCP, lean management etc, and successfully implemented ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & HACCP for some 40 companies leading to Certification by International certification Bodies.

Mrs Calou is actually the vice president of AMFCE (Association Mauricienne des Femmes Chef d’Entreprises), Board Member of WIN (Women in Networking), and Associate Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance. Mrs Calou has been registered as a Lead Examiner and Lead Trainer with Mauritius Quality Institute/MEPZA, 1997, for Malcolm Baldrige Assessment, has also  been a board member of the Mauritian Quality Institute for period 2003 to 2009.

She has been an active as Lead auditor and jury for Malcolm Baldrige NQA  (National quality Award,  2003/2009), as Lead auditor for National Excellence Award for Tourism sector, 2004,  Lead Auditor for Excellent Customer service award in the Public Service (2003) for The Police Force (Traffic Branch) and Jeetoo Hospital, Auditor for Public sector Award, 2004, for Civil Status Division, Auditor for ICAC for Best Anti-Corruption Framework 2008 Award and she audited Police stations & Agricultural Marketing Board, Project Leader and trainer for Empretec Ltd, 2010, for The Environmental Management Best Practices Implementation for small and medium Hotels in Mauritius, Seychelles and Madagascar with overseas funding and worked with Les Hotels de Charme for Mauritius, Chamber of Commerce of Madagascar & Seychelles Wild Life Foundation.