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Strategic Human Resource Management

HR as a strategic business partner

Learn to build a success Human Resources model aligned with corporate and business vision and goals. Learn how HR today makes a difference, with a unique business and strategic focus for the organisation, rather than an administrative cost centre.

Reposition HR Management in its new critical perspective, develop the new role and responsibility, with business objectives and strategic challenges.

We share with you critical expertise, higher vision, key truths and powerful dynamics to leverage the excellence of HR. Learn to deliver HR to create and sustain business and customer value, and garner competitive advantage.

  • The course empowers you harness the immensely powerful and transformative core of Strategic Human Resource Management and achieve organisational and business objectives.
  • Understand the nature and benefits of the strategic approach to management of human capital and development of people and talent, as valuable assets of the company.
  • We deliver the breakthrough capabilities that enable you to develop, follow and evaluate sustainable HR strategies, to innovate and be proactive, to lead transformation for success.
  • High-impact organisations have objectives of efficiency, effectiveness and business alignment. Devise strategies to evaluate both HR operational and business metrics. Measure the value that people and processes bring to the total organisation, and acquire key HR analytics.
  • HR has a vital role to play as a true and trusted strategic business partner. Learn to foster this positive relationship with leadership and decision-makers. Examine strategic impacts of organisation choices.
  • Acquire great competencies for strategic planning and people resourcing. Learn differentiating strategies for successful employee development, engagement and retention