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Brinda has followed key courses that enable her to enhance her contribution, and excel in capacity-building, in a wide spectrum of activities. She advocates action and ambition on these powerful causes that can create world-class performance and value in business and life.


Neuro Semantics Coaching
Learn to actualise life-impacting meanings to unleash your highest potential and perform at your best. Cultivate the talent and resourcefulness for success, and create new dynamics to achieve your goals. Evolve your intent, thinking, feeling and communication to meet objectives.


Self Leadership
Create the successful person in yourself.
Develop a heightened sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going and want to go.

Learn the life mastery and aptitudes to take yourself and others to achieve aims and objectives.


Understanding Human Behaviour
Engage behavioural change through the understanding of human behaviour.
Why and how this is a powerful HR and organisational approach providing competitive advantage, good leadership and management.
How it makes for effective employee and customer relationships, motivation, retention, expectations, and creates value for company branding, culture, growth and success.


Strategic HR in the New Economic Era
HR Management today has a critical strategic dimension.

HR professionals need to be business savvy, drive business imperatives, create people value and manage the human capital.

They are strategy architects, visionaries and business allies.


Seven Best Practices of Highly Successful Managers
– Stephen Covey

Describes frameworks for personal effectiveness with powerful lessons for change and profound insights.
It covers major aspects , such as leadership, communication, relationships, time management, values, and is very useful for life, work and organisations.


Successful Goal Setting and Achievement

Learn about the importance of setting goals for business success and performance.

Acquire the skills to define them clearly, with the actions and strategies to achieve them.


Emotional freedom techniques

Emotional energy flows through us and around us and can be sensed by other connected with us. Learn techniques to free from negative beliefs, appreciate self-worth, manage relationships, live a full life and perform better and higher.


Empowering Women in Business

Acquire the vision and competencies to empower women in business and leadership and embrace their talents and strengths.

Restore equity in resource planning and create strategic advantage and value.

Sometimes the mind is the only obstacle.


Talent Management

Organizations want to the best talent possible to help them reach their goals. Acquire principles, processes and methodologies for tailoring talent management for successful organisations that align with business strategies and fulfil objectives.


Work Improvement Team Training Program
Great teams create great things if we allow them to.

Learn to build powerful teams and create effective synergies and the positive environment that enable them create success and attain goals.


Stress Management

Excessive stress can cripple productivity, result in absenteeism and health and emotional problems that incur costs. Learn the factors that create stress and how to prevent and manage stress at work.


Pay Structuring Methodology

Create the salary structure for an organisation with techniques of job evaluation, of structuring remuneration policies for business success.

Learn the factors that determine the philosophy of pay and incentives.

Manage rewards. Reward performance.