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Excellence and Quality

Companies today have to invest in using quality and benchmarking frameworks to compare their performance against international standards and ensure sustainability in business.

MQA   As Lead Assessor for the Mauritian Quality Institute for 10 years, she has been a national examiner for the following awards:
  National Quality Award (US Malcolm Baldrige Award) for private sector
NQA   Excellent Customer Service Award for both the public and private sectors
  Best Anti-corruption Framework (Independent Commission Against Corruption and MQI) for both private and public sectors

Brinda is a Certified Quality Manager with the Indian Institute of Quality Management, Government of India and a Certified Quality Improvement Associate with the American Society for Quality.

For the Best Anticorruption Framework, criteria include:

  • management commitment
  • risk management
  • transparency
  • accountability
  • integrity management

Anti-Corruption 2008



Business companies are evaluated under criteria such as:

  • leadership
  • human resource development and management
  • customer focus and satisfaction
  • strategic planning
  • process management
  • information and analysis
  • business results