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Quality Systems

Quality Management Programme

Quality Management

This course empowers you to define a Quality Strategy and implement quality systems using international criteria and frameworks of reference.

Learn about ISO 9001 as a business tool, how it offers the benefit of global management experience and good practice, and understand and apply its requirements.

Master the management system standards that provide a model and processes to set up and operate a management system, with critical levers to achieve world-class quality, compliance, performance and objectives.


Quality Tools and Techniques

Master indispensable tools and learn to practice quality techniques like Process Mapping, Pareto Charts, benchmarking.

They enable you to identify causes, understand processes and improve them, keep projects on tracks, collect and analyse data and making informed decisions.

They provide the benefits of an effective system such as:

  • more efficient use of resources
  • improved risk management,
  • and increased customer satisfaction as services and products consistently deliver what they promise


Total Quality Management

Acquire the skills and practice of this management approach for long-term success, through customer focus, total employee involvement, process-centred and integrated systems.